Charter eTIC

DRAC has signed a code of ethics.

As an IT provider, DRAC undertakes the following:

1. To supply goods and services that meet my customer’s requirements. If necessary and if the customer so wishes, I shall provide a clear description of those requirements. At every stage of my assignment, I shall ensure that the products and services supplied meet my customer’s expectations.

2. To clearly describe the scope of the project. The quotation or the contract shall clearly describe the content of the assignment in terms of the resources and products that can be delivered as well as the delivery deadline. Exceptions and options shall be clearly stated.


3. To offer transparency in terms of costs and deadlines. I shall provide my customer with a clear overview of the total budget and of the time required in order to meet all of the requirements. I shall keep my customer informed of any possible price changes over the course of the assignment.


4. To strictly comply with the contractual provisions. I guarantee that my personnel shall strictly comply with the contractual provisions.


5. To provide information about our resources and competencies. I shall provide the customer with all the necessary information about the resources and competencies, which I personally, or any potential subcontractors, have at our disposal in order to implement the project.

I shall clearly mention any contractual parties acting as subcontractors.


6. To safeguard the customer if the project cannot be completed. I shall state the measures I shall take if the project cannot be completed due to my company or any of my subcontractors’ companies ceasing operation, or for any reason whatsoever. I shall provide the customer with regular progress reports about the work to be performed.


7. To provide clear information about the customer’s intellectual property rights. I shall enter into clear agreements about whether or not intellectual property rights shall be transferred to the customer. Any transfer methods or restrictions shall be clarified in writing in the actual contract or in an attached agreement.

Registration number courses: DV.O222354

Registration number advice: DV.A222355